pdf writing

PDF Writing for Hula Hoops This was a fun campaign with the well-known crisp brand to encourage kids to get active and enjoy the sunshine when they could with hula hoops as the subject. How to Master the Hula Hoop Guide to Summer Fun with the Family

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ebook copywriting

eBook Copywriting for TNCC This was probably the most fun campaign I got the work on – the brief was ‘imagination’ and I was allowed run wild! The result was three creative ebooks that helped parents plan birthday parties, give kids a creative weekend outdoors and help their little ones learn without realising! Imagination Station: […]

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ebook writing

eBook Writing for MummyPages In our constant campaign to provide MummyPages readers with helpful content, I created a number of ebooks providing easily-accessible information for important moments. The MummyPages Guide for First-Time Mums The Ultimate Family Travel Guide

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