Catherine Carr - Founder

Profile Pic 1Welcome to The Write Move!

After working in media and the digital sector for the last 10 years, I launched The Write Move to fill a gap I felt existed in the market.

I believe creativity is about collaboration – a give-and-take of ideas where everyone utilises their talents to achieve the same goal.

In my experience, many digital and copywriting experts are reluctant to be honest with clients for fear of losing a pay cheque. There are too many ‘Yes Men’ in the industry, who take the easy way out and leave clients paying a high price for sub-par results instead of challenging preconceptions and creating something amazing.

At The Write Move, ‘collaboration’ is our middle name. While you provide the insights to your industry, we’ll give you the true benefit of our experience so we can steer you down a successful path.

My background and experience

I am incredibly passionate about the digital industry – a medium that is just about fast-paced enough to keep up with my energy. I’m a person with buckets of enthusiasm who loves new projects, being creative and living life to the fullest.

When it comes to education, I have a BA in Journalism from Dublin City University, a postgrad qualification in Digital Marketing, a Google-awarded Google Analytics certification and even a DELF B1 qualification from the Alliance Francaise Dublin.

During my 10 years in the industry, I have worked for a wide range of media organisations from to the Daily Mail, where I honed my writing and marketing skills working for clients such as Cadbury, Excedrin and Netflix.

All Work and No Play

No one likes to be a bore, which is why I make time to pursue my other passions, such as cooking, music and rugby. In fact, my passions are so important to me that I created a business I could run while following one of my main hobbies – travel! The Write Move is a digital business that allows me to wander the world, discovering new cities, embracing new cultures and indulging in many culinary delights. Passion is what drives us all and is my main source of creativity.

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